Vitagene Vitamin Supplements

Your nutrition and lifestyle decisions profoundly impact your health. Your present and future wellness depends on your ability to make the kind of lifestyle decisions that will enable you to reach and maintain the best health of your life. We believe that what you put into your body should be pure and scientifically designed to fit your specific health needs.

Vitagene offers its members a customized program consisting of personalized supplements, nutritional counseling, and informed wellness. Your program is based on your DNA (a simple saliva test), your blood work, and your answers to a thorough lifestyle questionnaire.

As a Vitagene member, you will receive personalized monthly supplement shipments that evolve based on your changing health needs. Your supplement program offers you a 360 degree picture of your health with tailored recommendations for each step along your health journey. Here’s what you’ll learn:

–  What kinds of foods you should be eating (and avoiding)
–  What types of exercise work best for your body
–  How you metabolize things like caffeine and alcohol
–  Which nutrients your body needs to function optimally
….and more

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